''I would like to say a massive thank you to the team at Finchley Back Care Centre, Every time I came for my appointments I am greeted by very professional and friendly staff ''.

''I am a 34 year old male who leads a normal active and sporty life style; I never thought I would be in a situation where I would be thinking about changing my day to day habits to accommodate for a saviour low back pain that was crippling me ''

''One morning after a very normal night and week, I found it incredibly difficult to raise myself out of bed; I was experiencing a sharp stabbing pain within my lower back every time I sat on a chair or when making any movement, picking up anything off the floor became impossible''.

''Over the course of 3 months I was given lots of pain killers with no real sign of recovery, in fact the pain was getting worse day by day ''.

''At this stage I gave up on the recovery as nothing was working and decided to live with pain''.

'' Randomly a good friend of mine bought up a conversation regarding his wife’s back pain and the great recovery she had through Finchley Back Care Centre I almost dismissed the recommendation to make an appointment but I was convinced by my friend it’s worth a visit and I had nothing to lose''.

''With that in mind I booked a visit. To my surprise I noticed the improvements from only 1 month of weekly visits and after almost 6 months of treatments; I am extremely pleased to say I am almost 100%''.

''The treatments have really helped me get my life back on track and with a 4 month old child I can’t be happier; it’s just great to be in a position to lift your child and play with no worries''

''Thanks to everyone at Finchley Back Care Centre especially Dr Xander''.

Prakash Makwana

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