Patient Testimonial:

''For years I have been suffering from joint pain, hip & knees and spinal column pains. I’ve been experiencing muscle cramps in my legs, stiffness of my limbs and neuralgia. Pain and dizziness disallowed me to properly function in everyday life''.

''When I heard that everyone over 60’s in the UK suffers from similar conditions and there is ‘not much they can do’ I realised that I must seek help somewhere else''.
''That is when I found the advertisement of Finchley Back Care Centre in a local press''.

''I came for an initial consultation during which Dr Xander Van Der Walt explained to me in a professional and unambiguous manner what sort of results I can expect''

''After undergoing series of Chiropractic sessions at the clinic, At first I thought this therapy is too good to be true, But, I tried it……and I do not regret it''.

''After as little as 4 weeks, the pain was significantly reduced, the stiffness of limbs and the cramps lessen''.

''After 4 months I can confidently say that Chiropractic alleviated my symptoms by at least 85%''.
''I now attend the sessions every 2 weeks to maintain the improved state of my ‘new body’''.

''I truly believe that the sessions may soon be needed every 4-6 weeks and I will be able to maintain my current condition whilst following my exercising plan at home''.

''What I like a lot is that you offer a great deal of flexibility when it comes to arranging an appointment and you can always find a perfect time for a visit suitable to the patient''.
''I have no doubts that at the nearest opportunity I will be recommending the Finchley Back Care Centre and especially DR Xander Van Der Walt to any of my friends needing help''.
Thank you very much
Urszula Schultz
From Woodford Green

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