Patient Testionial:

My Sister suggested Chiropractic help.
“About six years ago I started having back pain. Only mild at first and then so severe that my back went into spasms. It was so painful that I woke up every morning at around 5am in tears.”

“My Sister suggested Chiropractic help – Dr. GT name was given to me”.
“I went off to see him, taking all my x-rays and scans with me. He went through every piece of x-ray and scan in detail''.

''Explaining in layman’s terms exactly what he was seeing and what he was looking at. He identified a few things and suggested we start working on those. I’ve never looked back. He is never too busy to see you. Even if his diary is full he’ll suggest you come in and he’ll find time for you”.
Raath – Walton on Thames (Accountant)

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