Patient Testimonial:

''Around 10 years ago I injured my back taking part in a drinking game, and it has never been the same since''.
''I was rarely in excruciating pain, but I did suffer from a recurring dull ache around my lower back, particularly after heavy lifting or after sitting in a car for several hours''.

''My back seemed to be getting worse rather than better, so I finally decided to do something about it. In March 2011 I booked a consultation at the Finchley Back Care Centre and was seen by Navin Agarwal Chiropractor''.

''From the initial consultation to the maintenance sessions I am now undergoing, I have always felt very at ease and, more importantly, very well looked after'' .
''Chiropractor manages to strike the perfect balance between being knowledgeable and professional while also being incredibly friendly and approachable''.

''I honestly feel like he takes a genuine interest in my life and my wellbeing and doesn’t see me as just another patient''.

''During my treatment I suffered a really bad relapse. I was so bad I couldn’t leave the centre and kept doubling over and falling to the floor. Navin helped me into a treatment room, iced my back and then himself and Phil (masseur) checked on me for the next 2 and a half hours until I was able to leave''.

''They even walked me out to my car to ensure I got home safely. This is testament to the caring nature and excellent treatment I have come to expect from chiropractor over the last few months''.
''Even my back now feels strong and I no longer experience the aches and pains I was use to, I will continue to see chiropractor Navin for maintenance sessions each month and would highly recommend him-and the centre as a whole- to anyone suffering from back pain''.

Ross Newton

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