Patient Testimonial:

''I`m Swantha Guruge ,suffering from back pain last 4 years time .It was critical illness and I was not able to do my day to day life things. I decided to join Finchley Back Care Centre, and get the treatments from Navin Agarwal Chiropractor''.

''I came for an initial consultation during which Chiropractor explained to me what my condition is, After the first visit I was thinking to stop, because there was no progress and I felt even worse''.

''But after a course of treatments , my symptoms started to disappear and significantly improved the quality of my life and well-being''.

''I would like to thank Navin Chiropractor and all the staff as they helped me to get better. My personal experience? Don`t stop treatments! Follow the Dr.`s recommendation and you will be recover soon''.

Thank again all of you

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