Patient Testimonial:

''I have been suffering from headaches and back pain for more than four years now and no amount of medicine seems to cure it, to ease the pain and numbness in my shoulder and my elbow. And I have been told to go to gym or swimming for my back pain''.

''I had my first visit at the Finchley Back Care Centre. The staff was very helpful and accommodating, they make me feel very welcome''.

''I was examined by the Chiropractor and two days later the diagnosis was my spine is twisted towards the left. And my right pelvic is not balance',To know that my right leg is a bit shorter than the left''.

''The first treatment was indeed a sign of relief; I did feel very good and was able to use that as motivation to keep my appointments''.

''After just two weeks of treatments I can feel the good effects on my body the headaches and back pains are gone. For the first time in a long while I felt good''.

''I continued to follow the good advice and exercises to the letter and after a month the findings were very good since I no longer experience any symptoms at all''.
''I plan to continue my chiropractic care long after I finish all my sessions because I know it is the best way to maintain my good health''.

''I would like to give my warmest appreciation to Xander the Chiropractor for his dedication to achieving my state of wellness. And to the staff though sometimes I need to inform them that I will be late''.
''More power to Finchley Back Care Centre. God Bless!''.
Yours sincerely,
Yolanda De Jesus

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