Patient Testimonial:

How to get rid of a pain in the neck?
Some months ago I was grumbling to my partner, about stiff shoulders, pain in the neck etc.
I am a fairly active pensioner so just accepted the situation, I regarded it as normal for a person in later years.
Then, one day she came home bearing a voucher from FBCC.

''So, after booking in with FBCC I was surprised to find myself undergoing a very thorough diagnosis of my problems''.
''This resulted in me receiving a course of treatment administered by the Chiropractor of whom I cannot speak too highly''.
''Gradually over the course of some weeks my neck freed up, the sharp pains have gone, and I have learnt how to keep it that way''.
''So if you want to get rid of a “pain in the neck”, don’t kick him down the stairs see Finchley Back Care Centre & Chiropractor Navin instead''.

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