Patient Testimonial:

''I first came to see a Chiropractor at the Finchley Back Care Centre in Feb 2011 after I “slipped a disc” in my lower back. I was in absolute agony. It was the worst pain I’d ever felt, even worse than childbirth!!''.
''I was unable to walk, stand, sit, and move…in fact I couldn’t do anything except sleep it off''.
''I knew I had to do something other than wait, I looked up local back clinics on the internet and found the Finchley Back Care Centre (Xander Chiropractor)'',

''I wasn’t sure what he could do or how he was going to help but I was so miserable living in agony, I was willing to give anything a go to help relieve the pain''.
''From my very first appointment I felt I was in the hands of people who knew what they were talking about''.

''Took his time when discussing my health, both past and present, gave me a full Chiropractic physical examination to assess my injury and took x-rays''.

''At my next appointment we went through the results and I was shown my x-rays''.

''He used a model to show me my injury and how the Chiropractic treatment would work''.

''This way I could see what I’d done, why it was causing pain, and showed how I would be treated to get everything back in alignment, and all the pains I’ve had throughout my life began to make sense''.
''After the first couple of weeks, I started to notice that the pain had reduced more than half and I was able to move around a lot easier, I was able to start functioning again''.

''I also began to see changes in other areas as well. From a young age I’d suffered severe migraines, and as I’ve got older they became more frequent and lasted longer''.

''I would say that on average I would have a least one headache a week and two migraines a month. It really affected my life as I could never plan to go out, I would always have to wait to see how I felt on the day''.

''But since I’ve been seeing the chiropractor Xander I’ve only had one migraine and that was the day after my first treatment. For anyone who knows me, it’s unheard of for me to go 3 months without a migraine…but I have and I can’ only put it down to the treatment I been receiving''.

''After an operation around 9 years ago I was left with side affects causing numbing to the right side of my face, which was followed by a tingly, stinging feeling, (it doesn’t sound bad but it wasn’t nice!) and limited movement in my neck and very stiff/heavy shoulders which would drive me mad''.

''With chiropractic I no longer have any of these issues anymore, plus the movement in my neck and shoulders have improved dramatically and I don’t feel like I’m carrying the weight of the world on them anymore,,.

''I also found it difficult to exercise as I would get pains after a couple of days and be unable to continue; now I know why! But coming here has already made so many improvements to my general health''.

''My sleep, appetite, energy levels are all so much better. I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. It has given me hope that I will eventually function properly and I can get back to all the things I love doing; exercising, dancing and enjoying life again''.

''A BIG THANK YOU to the Chiropractor and the rest of the team here, they have all made me feel welcome, comfortable and have taken great care of me''.

''I’m so glad I discovered the FBCC and I know they’re now part of my life and will continue coming here as often as they’ll have me!''.
Debie Hiorns

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