Patient Testimonial:

''I had suffered with back pain, headaches and general pain in my legs for many years and had tried on my own exercise routines, trying to rectify these problems, often in vain''.

''My Parents had seen an advert for the Finchley Back Care Centre, and even though I was a little skeptical at first, after the first Chiropractic consultation I knew it was the treatment for me''.

''I have been coming to see Chiropractor for around 7/8 months now, and apart from the odd ache here and there, my headaches have cleared up, the random pains in my legs and feet have also pretty much disappeared, and I’m walking much straighter without the added pain''.

''The Chiropractic treatment itself is second to none, with scans to see the problem areas under the skin, and constant checks to see how far your coming along. With every session I felt my back, and especially my headaches and legs getting better''.

''The headaches were a major problem for me, so much so I’ve had scans and all other sorts of tests to see what was wrong''.

''But to have hardly any headaches in 8 months or so is amazing''.
''I am by no means cured, and still have trouble with sports and work. But compared to how I was last year, the Chiropractic treatment has been nothing but positive on my life and physical state, and I feel a lot more free without the aches and pains''.

''The staff are definitely the most helpful and friendly bunch I’ve ever come across in a workplace''.

''I feel comfortable as soon as I walk in, and they are always up for a chat, and have been so efficient in sorting out my dates, and contacting me to remind me of upcoming sessions''.

''Special word also for Chiropractor Xander, who has been superb all the way through the treatment, always making time for me, listening to my many body complaints, and making sure my progress is steady but correct. Top fella''.

''Thank you again everyone at the Finchley Back Care Centre''.
Thomas O’Boyle

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