Patient Tesimonial:

''I came to Finchley Back Care Centre in August 2010 after waking up with excruciating lower back pain. I remember finding it very hard to breathe and it was extremely difficult to walk''.

''For the past two years I had suffered from lower back pain due to a sports injury and had been taking pain killers and managing to cope with the pain. On this particular morning the pain was so intense I decided it was time to seek attention immediately''.

''After being thoroughly examined by the Chiropractor I finally learnt what was the cause of my lower back pain''.

''From the x-rays chiropractor took I could see the lower part of my spine was curing to the right of my body, one of my discs in my lower back was starting to become narrow, one section of my vertebrae was not aligned''.

''From the physical examination the Chiropractor gave me I had reduced movement in my neck. During the next few months I received intense treatment on my back to stop the pain and to prevent my spine from progressing to the next stage''.

''The staff at Finchley Back Care Centre are always friendly and willing to help you as much as possible. The receptionists and doctors always give you a warm welcome''.

''The Chiropractor spent a great amount of time explaining my condition to me in detail. He was always happy to answer any questions related to my condition regardless of how long I took. As well as treating my condition''.

''The Chiropractor helped me with my diet and nutrition which played an important role in my recovery. I found the spinal classes run by Chiropractor very useful as she explained the importance of a healthy spine and how I can take the appropriate steps to looking after my spine during and after my treatment''.

''The centre provides x-ray facilities on site which I found very helpful as I was worried I would have to be referred to a hospital for an x-ray''.

''During my treatment I also had a thermal imaging scan on my spine. I found the results very interesting as it compared the amount of inflammation before and after treatment. Post treatment I saw a significant reduction in the amount of inflammation''.

''Now I am on the road to recovery thanks to the treatment, exercises and support provided to me from the staff at Finchley Back Care Centre''.

''I now live a more active and happier life. I can sleep peacefully and wake up pain free''.

''I was embarrassed to see a chiropractor at first as I am in my early twenties, but I soon realized how wrong I was and that back pain can affect anyone regardless of your age''.

''My only regret is that I did not see a Chiropractor as soon as my lower back pain started. Although I continue to have treatment on a much less regular basis, I am extremely grateful for the time Chiropractor Xander and the rest of the staff of Finchley Back Care Centre have spent with me''.
Kind Regards
Darren Seechurn

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