Patient Tesimonial:

''One and half years ago I was involved in a car accident and suffered a whip lash injury''.

''I was suffering from regular headaches and back ache and constant pain around my shoulder blade. Finally, I woke up one morning and turned over and felt a sharp pain down my back. I could hardly move and although I did manage to get up, it was difficult to walk''.

''I spoke to a friend who recommended trying a chiropractor. I found the telephone number of the Finchley Back Care Centre and had my first appointment with chiropractor Jeff''.

''I was quite sceptical of any form of treatment but at that time was just desperate to have some pain relief''.

''I was given a very thorough examination and x-rays of various angles of my neck and spine. I was very pleased with the care I was given and was impressed with the detail of the consultation''.

''However, my scepticism increased when I was told that, to begin with, I would need Initial three treatments per week each lasting about 10 minutes and costing “29 each!''.

''Friends warned me that I was being ripped off but I decided that I would try a month of treatment and then review my situation''.

''My husband and I attended the evening training session which was very informative and useful and I was happy to learn that the complete well being of patient was being recognised''.

''I began my treatment determined that I would keep an open mind and commit myself to my part of the partnership by regularly doing my exercises''.

''The benefits were not immediate but slowly I began to find that my neck and shoulders were less painful and my headaches were far less regular. I saved a fortune on ibuprofen! At the end of the month I cut down to two treatments a week and then one''.

''Six months later, and I am now attending once every six weeks and although I know I can make an extra appointment at any time I have not needed to''.

''The added benefit which I had not anticipated was that I also feel less tired and generally have more energy''.
''Chiropractor Jeff has been very professional but also warm and friendly throughout my treatments and has always made me feel relaxed. He has also always explained carefully the exact treatment he is giving me and reasons why a specific treatment is necessary''.

''In addition to this the staff at the clinic have been very welcoming and helpful and the receptionist staff are definitely an asset to the clinic’s success''.

''I would like to thank everyone at the clinic for all the care I have received and it is now my turn to recommend chiropractor treatment to my friends!''.
Carole Catley

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