Patient Tesimonial:

''First of all I want to say thank you to you for the wonders you have done for my mother Parvez Mohammad & my 3yr old son Mostafa''.

''I brought my Mother to Finchley Back Care Centre some where in year 2003 when my mother was suffering from severe back pain going into her shoulders and legs. she could not sleep well and could hardly walk for 10 minutes, and was told by the Hospital to have an operation and still they did not give much hope''.

''Initially my mom was having treatments for 2-3 times a week. After couple of weeks my mom have a vast improvement. She could sleep well and had more energy; could walk for 30 min which she has not done in years. Now she only has to visit the clinic twice a month for her adjustments''.

''The treatment has worked as a Miracle for this little boy and for us as whole family''.
''Special thanks to Reception staff and Zak who every time makes us feel very homely''.
With many thanks

Nadim Mohammad



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