Patient Tesimonial:

''From the age of 12 I had suffered with horrible lower back and knee pains. I had tried many different therapies and nothing seemed to work. The pains were getting so awful that I was barely sleeping and I could not concentrate at school due to headaches. My mother started seeing a chiropractor at Finchley Back Care Centre and had found that she had significantly less back pain after just a few of chiropractic treatments. In 2001, aged 14, I decided to see if Chiropractor Carrie Ann could help me too''.

''After a short time, I found that not only was I having little to no back pain, but also the problems in my knees had stopped altogether. I also started to sleep better and had fewer headaches''.

''At Finchley Back Care Centre, I was taught how important it is to care for your spine, and the care I received was excellent. The staff at the centre were friendly and always made me feel welcome''.
''In 2004, I decided that I wanted to have a career in a medical profession, but could not decide what. That year, I did my work experience at the centre and after seeing the astonishing results of chiropractic care from personal and professional experiences I have decided to apply to do a chiropractic course at university next year''.

''I would like to say thank you to my Chiropractor Carrie, Zak and Kim and everyone at Finchley Back Care Centre for all their hard work in supporting patients- I feel stronger and healthier''.
Bianca Foley